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Chahal’s Tae Kwon Do was established in March 2005 by Mr Kuli Chahal 6th degree black belt, we are proudly a part of TAGB Tae Kwon Do. Our martial arts classes promote health and wellbeing as well as teaching Teamwork, Focus, Discipline, Co-ordination, Confidence and Respect.


We offer classes on a Monday and a Wednesday night, for individuals aged 4 years +, the classes consist of traditional martial arts syllabus as well as integrating self-defence and fitness. The club is open to all abilities and all levels of fitness and we always welcome new students. We find a lot of parents join the club once they see how greatly their children are benefiting from the classes. This can be in a number of ways including increased confidence as well as the physical and mental differences it can make to a person’s life. We have a brilliant community spirit within the club. Members of the club enjoy working as a team to help local communities by volunteering and doing charity fundraising. The club has been in existence since 2005. Other than training twice a week we encourage students to grade for their next belt, compete or officiate in competitions and train in Tae Kwon Do over Scotland and several members have represented the club as part of the Junior TAGB Scotland team. Our members have the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally throughout the year. 






















We are proud members of the TAGB. The Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain (TAGB) is a nationally recognised Tae Kwon-Do organisation. It was formed in 1983 and has since become the founding member of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council (BTC) which is recognised by the United Kingdom Sports Council. Because of its high-kicking, fast-paced style Tae Kwon Do is a thoroughly modern way of getting fit. The TAGB is a great advocate of fun and fitness at an early age and TAGB instructors often work with local schools to teach self-defence.


As the largest martial arts organisation in the world the TAGB has over 25,000 accredited members, 600 schools, and organises seminars with World Masters, demonstrations, and national, regional and international championships every month of the year.The TAGB is not just concerned with its own development, this is why it has played a leading role in the reunification of British Tae Kwon-Do into one body. In 1988, the TAGB helped found the British Tae Kwon-Do Council (BTC), this being the only governing body of Tae Kwon-Do to be recognised by the Sports Council.


The TAGB also helped found Tae Kwon-Do International, the object of which is to bring together Tae Kwon-Do practioners throughout the World. Since its foundation in 1993, Tae Kwon-Do International has grown to become one of the biggest World Tae Kwon-Do bodies.Tae Kwon Do training is about learning to discipline your mind as well as your body and TAGB instructors always include elements in their teaching which help their students to develop mentally as well as physically.


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