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Hear from our students and parents about our club...

Mr Chahal’s classes are excellent. My two daughters have been going for 6 months now and absolutely love it. They are so much more confident and have made great friends in the class. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the children can go at their own pace. Mr Chahal is helped by his family and other senior Tae Kwon Do students who I can’t thank enough. They have instilled a great mix of fun confidence and discipline and the personal growth in my children has been amazing. The classes are all admin’d through Facebook and it is so simple to enrol communicate and pay as you go. Thanks for all your efforts.



Chahal’s Tae Kwon Do is run very professionally, with the team always working so tirelessly to give the students the best training possible , not only the physical side but the emotional side also. We feel extremely lucky to have the best in The art of Tae Kwon do right here on our doorstep. Since Lewis started ( just before Christmas) we have seen him grow in confidence, and positivity. Mr Chahal is a natural teacher (the Mister Miyagi of prestwick only a lot taller). For anyone thinking of joining or thinking of enrolling there little ones then DO it , you will absolutely wish like us you had found this wonderful team much sooner.

The Mitchell Family 

Chahal's Tae Kwon Do has the best family feel. All kids are treated equally and there is a perfect balance between discipline and fun!I could not recommend this team more!


My eldest son has attended the club for 9 years and youngest son for 5 years. From a parent perspective, I love the fact my children attend a club which not only teaches self- defence, but also keeps them fit, offers variety in the form of exercises, patterns and sparring, and allows them to see their own improvement through gradings and new belts. It teaches self-discipline in the form of performing to the best of their ability during class, practicing at home and preparing for gradings. I find it reassuring that good sportsmanship is expected of every student and they are encouraged to help and support each other. The classes are family and age friendly, with many parents joining. From my children's perspective, they love the variety of the classes, the fun games (in the junior classes), meeting new friends and the sense of achievement when they pass their grading and get their new belt. Learning a martial art has been a real confidence booster for them. They appreciate the patience, support and encouragement shown by Mr Chahal and his daughters, Kiran, Karina and Karah.
The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of Mr Chahal and his daughters is evident in every class. Their passion and commitment to Tae Kwon Do and the club is truly admirable. I would highly recommend the club to any adult or child.

Kay Andrews

I have been around the club for over 8 years now as my son started training late in 2011..he had a fantastic appetite for the Art and training and it was a pleasure to watch him progress and embrace the training with the encouragement of Mr Chahal and the senior grades within the club...I then decided to start TKD at the age of 41 in January 2013 (instead of watching from the sidelines)..and we have been training together ever intention was just to get a bit fitter, however I sat my first grading in March 2014 (passed) and from then it was a buzz to learn new patterns and techniques and to advance up the grades (always great getting that new belt)..before I knew it in October 2016 I was heading to the Academy to sit my Black Belt grading...for me (at the age 45) this was one of my greatest personal achievements and one that I am extremely proud of and it would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from Mr Chahal and everyone at the club. Fast forward another 3 years and I have also passed my 2nd Dan grading and working towards my 3rd Dan at some point in the future.
I have made lifelong friends  in the club and the wider Taekwondo community, travelled to various European countries and competed in World Championships

Along with my own personal experience I have watched my son train for over 8 years within the club and seen him grow from a small shy young boy to a confident young man, making loads of new friends and  totally embracing Taekwondo. Pushed and encouraged by everyone at the club I have watched him achieve his 1st and 2nd Dan black belt and hopefully he will achieve his 3rd degree later in the year...He was also encouraged early by Mr Chahal to compete in competitions and this has been instrumental in his development. He has had amazing success over the years and we have had some fantastic trips to competitions and seeing him win many national and international titles were very proud moments. None more so than when he was selected to the Junior Scotland team and also to the senior Scotland team at last years European championships in Croatia. The life experiences he has been given due to his participation in Taekwondo cannot be beaten and he wouldn't be the young man he is today without the support and guidance from Mr Chahal and the club.

Bryan Mulgrew 

I joined the club and started my taekwondo journey when I was 11 years old after participating in a breakfast club at my primary school. I was encouraged to go along to one of Mr Chahals’ classes and I instantly loved it. After just 6 months I was encouraged by Mr Chahal and the senior grades to start competing in competition across the country and with the support of my dad to take me I began competing. 8 years on and still going it is safe to say I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it was not for the lessons I learnt from Taekwondo. My success in competitions including titles from across the country has also provided me with the opportunity to travel to various European countries to compete. With the encouragement of Mr Chahal I was pushed to go to Scotland Squad training as soon as I could and as a result of the encouragement and commitment of my dad to take me every week I was selected to be a part of the junior Scotland team in 2014 and again in 2017. Couple of years on and I was then selected to be a part of the Scotland men’s team in 2019 to fight in Croatia. What I like about the club is the family feel present, I have made many life long friends within the club and throughout the country. I am privileged to train under Mr Chahal but also to train beside my dad and to go through my journey with him is one of the best things I could wish for. From the moment I started at the club I had a goal to achieve my black belt in October 2015 and with the support and encouragement of Mr Chahal I succeeded. I have also in my time training at the club achieved my second dan and I am now training and preparing myself for my third Dan with the help from everyone in the club.

Connor Mulgrew 


I've been training with the club for nearly 9 years. During this time I was encouraged to spar, which has led to me becoming a successful competitor and a member of the junior Scotland squad. Attending weekly classes has kept me fit and healthy. Being part of the club and competing has lead to many great friendships.


I have being training for 6 years. I really enjoy all the different parts if the class, learning the new patterns and sparring. Taekwondo had boasted my confidence    as well as my fitness levels. I enjoy going to competitions and making new friends.

Emily & Molly Gunning 

I have been at the club from day one. It has been great to see the club going from strength to strength with an instructor who's passion for the art shines onto his students. A great family feeling club who always supports and helps develop their students to reach their goals.

Michael McRobert

Taekwondo started for me sitting on the benches watching my 5 year old do his beginners classes.  Before I knew it I had signed up to try the classes - just to keep up my fitness and shed a few pounds. Before I knew it, I was (reluctantly at first), being taught my first pattern.

I am not a quick thinker or very coordinated, but 8 years on both my son and I are black belts.  It hasn’t been easy at times, I have shed tears, but I have also laughed - a lot. It has been amazing fun and taught us both a huge amount about ourselves and about the kindness of people, as well as getting us fit. 


When you sign up to Taekwondo you also sign up to a family. From a child’s perspective its not just about fitness, its teaches children respect; discipline, courtesy, integrity; how to control their tempers and that if they try hard enough and see things through, they can achieve great things that they can be proud of not just now, but for the rest of their lives. It gives them great confidence, in a supportive environment.As an adult I have learned that even when you doubt yourself, if you dig deep and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can really do it – and keep doing it. This spills over into other areas of life.


My proudest moments have been watching my son grow with Taekwondo as part of his life – I've been so proud of him at his gradings and particularly his black belt.  We hope next year he will go for his 2nd Dan.


From a personal stand point I never thought I would be good enough to achieve a black belt, but with everyone in the clubs support, I did it.It has been an amazing journey and has changed my life.  I have met people who will be friends for life and are so supportive.  I cannot imagine my life without it, and as long as I can stand upright I'll keep doing it till Im a pensioner. 


I would recommend it to anyone – give it a go – whether you like the fitness drills; the traditional patterns or the sparring. There is literally something there for everyone. #justtrain.

Heather McKendrick

I joined Chahal's Tae Kwon Do in January 2006 and fourteen years later I'm still there. When I joined I was a shy teenager with no prior martial arts experience and I wasn't particularly confident. Mr Chahal and the other students welcomed me into the club and made me feel at ease - I enjoy the camaraderie there. Training at Chahal's Tae Kwon Do gave me the confidence to challenge myself personally and latterly professionally too, as well as the belief in myself that I could achieve my goals - I wouldn't be where I am today without that confidence. Joining Chahal's Tae Kwon Do was a huge step out of my comfort zone but it has been one of the best decisions I have made. In my time at the club I have enjoyed some colour belt competition success and earned my first degree black belt in 2010 under Mr Chahal. Now I'm looking forward to taking on my next challenges as part of Chahal's Tae Kwon Do.

Michael Young

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